Good News Mailer (FAQ)

Q: What Is a Viral Mailer?

Viral Mailers are online services where members can e-mail each other.
You can send an e-mail promoting your web site in return for viewing the e-mails sent by the other members.

Q: How Do I Receive Credits?

Look for e-mails from other members.At the bottom of each e-mail, there is
a link you can click to view their site and earn credits

Clicking the link will open your fellow members site in a new Window/Tab where you will see a timer - Once the timer is at 0 then 5 Images will appear - Click the image in the block of 4 that matches the control image on the left to earn mailing credits

For each credit you earn, you will be able to mail another member of Good News Mailer.

Incorrect clicks will not earn credits and may eventually get your account suspended*

Additional credits are always available by upgrading or by purchasing one of our advertising packs.

Q: When & How Do We Get Paid & What Is Your Minimum Payout?
There is No Minimum Payout Requirements - All Active Members are paid cash to their PayPal/Payza* account AUTOMATICALLY every Friday - No Requests Needed.

It is the members responsibility to maintain the correct payment details at all times - We are not responsible for any delay caused by having incorrect/no details added.

Please note Good News Mailer send Commission payments through PayPal Masspay system - The sending address for such payments will be

Q. May I Hold My Commissions Here Until I Wish To receive Them

You may write if you wish to hold all commissions AND then spend them here at Good News Mailer

As there is no minimum payout at Good News Mailer, we understand you may not want to receive $1.00 here & there so You may hold up to $10.00 unpaid commission to be cashed out later- Amounts OVER $10.00 must be paid UNLESS otherwise agreed with Admin - Please contact with special requests

Q. I want to cancel my subscription/account

Deleting your Good News Mailer account does NOT cancel any subscription you have running here

All members are responsible for cancelling any subscriptions taken out at Good News Mailer - For Paypal any subscription will be shown in your Paypal account as payment to PTB Enterprises (

Q. May I Upgrade/Buy advertising Using Commissions I Earned Here?

As soon as you have earned enough for the item you wish to purchase a Pay with Commissions Button will appear.
If you do not see the Advertising Package or Upgrade you want to purchase, please contact with your requirements

Q. Why Is My Account Suspended

The Most Common Reasons Accounts become suspended are:

1. Bounced Mails (Mails are being returned to our servers)*

2. You are not using a Gmail address

3. Your Email Address has a BOXBE or Other Auto Response attached*

4. Incorrect Clicks when opening Mail

5. You have a Free Account & Have unsubscribed from Member Mailings- if you do not want mail you may Upgrade, or delete your account

In each case you need to contact support (Instructions on the suspended member page)

*If you know you signed up using Gmail please check that your account does not have Boxbe/Auto Replies attached & that the inbox is not full and rejecting our mailings

Q. What is your Refund Policy?

*Due to the nature of the Business
Good News Mailer has a strict NO REFUNDS Policy.

Only if we were unable to provide you with your Purchase would a rebate be considered

Q. I Accidentally Unsubscribed To Emails. How Can I Resubscribe?

To resubscribe to receive mailings simply login to your account and go to your "Profile" and tick the "Subscribed To Mailings" box at the bottom of that page and hit save - You should then receive members mailings

Q. How Do I Refer People & Earn Commissions Here?

You can refer people using the tools in our Affiliate Toolbox All members earn cash commissons when their personal downline members upgrade or purchase any advertising. The percentage earned is dependent on your membership Level

Q. What Are The Referral Contest Rules

From time to time Good News Mailer will run referral contests - All members can take part
Please read the Referral Contest Policy before advertising your link anywhere:

Referral Contest Policy - Rules exist to ensure we only get quality Marketers viewing your ads

The use of any Program to offer cash rewards for others to activate an account at Good News Mailer is prohibited - (This includes running random draws with cash prizes for joining Good News Mailer as a FREE member)

The use of Referral Swap Forums (eg emoney Space) to offer incentives to others for activating their account at Good News Mailer or recruiting members is prohibited

Any Members recruited that falsify their location by use of Proxy IP or editing of Text do not count for any contests
Members joining from Corporate IP's, dot edu sites, and Internet cafe locations do not count for any contests

To count as a Qualified Referral the new member will have opened at least 5 Mails and have sent out at least 2 proper marketing emails from their account at Good News Mailer UNLESS they are an upgraded member in which case no opening/mailing is required.

My Question Isn't Listed On This Page...

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Site Statement and Disclosure: Good News Mailer is NOT an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program. We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site. We do not require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service. You will not get rich by using our program. We are an internet advertising program.

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